Anttolanhovi Rantaravintola Buffee

Meals for groups

Delicious, seasonal local food lunches and dinners, relaxing coffee breaks, group discounts. Book delicious local food meals in the Savo style for your trip.Booking for summer 2017 is now open

Saimaa Selection BUFFET

The table is served on 13-14 June and from 20 June to 2 August 2017 1-4 PM.
(Available on order at other times)

First course

Vendace terrine wrapped in bacon, seasoned cucumber

Rillettes of smoked Puumala salmon, marinated red onion

Hauhala goose pate and tomato compote

Peppered roast beef and coleslaw a la Hovi

Roasted summer vegetable salad, salad cheese marinated with spruce sprouts

Green salad, roasted pumpkin seeds and mustard sauce a la Hovi

Our baker’s bread market: rye bread, no-knead bread, röpörieska (unleavened barley bread)

Peltola churn butter

Second course

Finnish pork flank roast (tirripaisti) a la Savo

Fish of the day

Potato puree and roasted vegetables flavoured with herbs

Third course

Rosemary panna cotta, marinated seasonal berries

Assorted cookies

Coffee/brewed tea

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Anttolanhovi Kotaravintola buffee

Anttolanhovi nokipannukahvit

facilities for various work-outs and training events. In addition to our sports hall, fitness gym, and sauna and pool centre, Lake Saimaa and adjacent recreation trails provide a good framework for summer and winter exercise. Contact us and request an offer for your group.